Nervous Energy

by Paperback

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released January 24, 2016

Engineered, mixed and produced by Matthew Lee Clark at Energy Studios, Austin TX

Mastered by Nick Landis at Terra Nova Mastering, Austin TX

Artwork by Payton Lower



all rights reserved


Paperback Austin, Texas

Dylan Pacheco
Chris Pelletier
Michael de la Rosa
Jeremy Roberts

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Track Name: Repetition
They say that you're too young to fully understand
And all the wars you wage are part of someone else's plans

Quietly become the things you've learned to rely on

Call it paranoia or an overwhelming sense of impending dread
I've been checking the facts
It was the greatest story that has ever been bought and sold

And no one has to know what we know
If you've got a secret
Don't let it show

Quietly become what you knew you were all along

The Repetition's got you down
It comes full circle pushing you around again
It's so much simpler to sleep
Than waking from the same dream
That's been pushing you around again
Track Name: Comet
I am a comet
I'm not from around here
When gravity catches up
I'll burn in the atmosphere

But that's a long time from now
I'm still on the move for now
Remind me if we ever crossed paths
I get so high that I forget

Leave it alone

I am a comet
And this is space rock
Takes a long time to get anywhere
But I move so fast that I don't mind

Flying through outer space
Memories I can't trace
Anything I see today
I chew it up and spit it out

Leave it alone
Track Name: Laughing
I hope that we can laugh about this someday soon
When laughing is the only thing left to do

We both know all the best told stories
Never tangled with truth
Like a well-read alligator poster in your room
I look up at all the posters in your room

When I was just a stranger
I was free to choose
Hit that city so hard in the guts
That it left a bruise

And there you sit
So artlessly abstracted
Idealized image of discontent
But I'm sure I heard you laughing
What a wonderful noise of shattering glass
But the wolves outside my door don't make a sound

Let's go downtown and watch the kids drinking blood
Track Name: Cat
You don't want me for a pet
I'm bad, I scratched up all of the new carpet
You always call but I never come
Took you two weeks
Flyers all over town
Track Name: Blackout Streets
Sing to me
A song of repetition
For the blackout streets
For the hollowed out heart of a hero

Who doesn't do that kind of thing
Not anymore
"See, I turned from that path a long time ago
Sometimes I miss it but I try and not let it show"

Turn yr head
Stretch yr neck out to hear
Someone Somewhere saying Something
Infinitely important

Like "These are the years
I won't ask for them back
It was a matter of contrast
But now it's getting old
Sometimes I miss it but I try and not let it show"
Track Name: Understand/Nothing
I've got time
Time to burn
It's out of sight
Out of mind
Out of my hands but I understand

When you come home
I'll be cradling the telephone
When you come home
Find me crawling up the walls
A double dose of whatever you're having

The less I know
The more I understand/nothing
Track Name: Half a Lie
Half a lie is alright among thieves
Truth be told
He who laughs the loudest laughs alone
Now that the bitterest of seeds have all grown thorns

It's time to decide
Another try
Follow through
It all comes circling back to you
When everything you've set in stone is claimed by the sea
I'll remember you best counting backwards from ten
I never held my breath